Oakwood Embrace

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Vanilla Whipped Body Butter (7oz)

Our fluffiest formula yet to transform your skin with triple penetration , 3 different butters...Dull skin, we got a fix for that! Ashy, step right on over..let me improve your skin! Let me, help you find the vision with in. Don't forget to apply to your ankles.

Sea buckhorn oil: 60 anti-oxidant, 20 minerals, rich in vitamins A,C, and E, sunburn relief, reduce healing time, smooths skin

Passion fruit oil: nourishing moisturizer, rich in vitamins A,E,C, calcium and phosphorous, helps reduce oiliness, reduce cracked skin

Shea butter: moisturize dry skin, reduce blemishes, anti-aging, reduce razor irritation, reduce stretch marks

Mango butter: rich in vitamins E and C, helps to soften you skin, reduce blemishes

Kokum butter: soothe inflamed skin, reduce cracked skin

Ingredients: shea butter, mango butter, kokum butter, almond oil, passionfruit oil, sea buckhorn oil, arrow root powder, vitamin e oil, fragrance: vanilla.



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